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Other Masters (14th Century)

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Ettlicher Maistern Gefechte
The Other Fencing Masters
Date late 1300s (?)
Language Early New High German
First Printed
English Edition
Żabiński, 2008
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Andres Juden (Andres "the Jew"), Jobs von der Nissen, Nicklass Preußen, and the priest Hans Döbringer are four German fencing masters who stood in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer in the 14th or 15th century. None of these men is mentioned by Paulus Kal as being a member of the Fellowship of Liechtenauer with the possible exception of Andres the Jew (which could be a reference to Andre Lignitzer). Attributed to these four masters is an addendum to Liechtenauer's Recital on the long sword which offers advice on fencing and discusses techniques from a position called iron gate (Eisen Pforte). Andre Paurenfeyndt also treated fencing from this guard in his treatise (sometimes included as an addendum to the gloss of Sigmund ain Ringeck), but there is little technical overlap between the two works.


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  1. Word order reversed, the correct order indicated by markings is used here.
  2. the rest of the line disappears in the binding
  3. Does not expect your attack
  4. * the text says "Pfobenzagel" yet the description is that of the Krauthacke.