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Fencing master sounds like a lofty title today, but historically it was used quite commonly and simply describes any recognized fencing teacher. They come in many different flavors, including itinerant duelling teachers who trained people to fight for their lives (or sometimes acted as champions in their places), court fencing masters in charge of educating young nobles, masters who operated their own schools and taught students (typically craftsmen and merchants from the middle class). Some masters received certifications from national or international authorities like the fencing guilds or government offices, but for many masters we have no indication of a higher authority than their own expertise in teaching fencing.

In common parlance in the community, we typically use the term "master" in an even broader sense than this, and apply the title to many authors who do not describe themselves that way, nor would they have been described that way by others in their time. "The masters" is code for the entire corpus of fencing teachings that we can access. But in this sense, we are maybe striking closer to the derivation of the term master, which simply means "one who teaches".

14th Century Masters

Fiore de'i LiberiMiddle Italian
Renaissance Latin
Abu-I-Hassan Ali ibn Abd-ar-Rahman al-Farazi al-AndalusArabic

15th Century Masters

AndreasEarly New High German
Andres JudenEarly New High German
H. BeringerRenaissance Latin
Early New High German
Peter von Danzig zum IngolstadtEarly New High German
Pseudo-Peter von DanzigEarly New High German
Filippo DardiItalian
Duarte I de PortugalOld Portuguese
Hans DöbringerEarly New High German
Pseudo-Hans DöbringerEarly New High German
Ludwig VI von EybEarly New High German
Peter FalknerEarly New High German
Hans FolzEarly New High German
Martin HuntsfeldEarly New High German
Paulus KalEarly New High German
Johannes LecküchnerEarly New High German
LewEarly New High German
Johannes LiechtenauerEarly New High German
Andre LignitzerEarly New High German
Guido Antonio di LucaItalian
Hans MedelEarly New High German
Pedro MonteSpanish
New Latin
NicolaüsEarly New High German
Jobs von der NyssenEarly New High German
Ott JudEarly New High German
Hans PegnitzerEarly New High German
Jaime Pons de PerpiñanCatalan
Paride del PozzoRenaissance Latin
Nicklass PreußenEarly New High German
Sigmund ain RingeckEarly New High German
Hans Seydenfaden von ErfurtEarly New High German
Hans Stettner von MörnsheimEarly New High German
Martin SyberEarly New High German
Hans TalhofferEarly New High German
Pedro de la TorreSpanish
Philippo di VadiMiddle Italian
Renaissance Latin
Hugo WittenwilerAllemanic

16th Century Masters

Giovanni Filoteo AchilliniItalian
Camillo AgrippaItalian
Francesco di Sandro AltoniItalian
Fabian von AuerswaldEarly New High German
Luis BarbaránSpanish
Girolamo CavalcaboMiddle French
Early New High German
Hans CzynnerEarly New High German
Giovanni dall'AgocchieItalian
Alfonso FalloppiaItalian
Domingo Luis GodinhoSpanish
Giacomo di GrassiEnglish
Heinrich von GunterrodtNew Latin
Girolamo LucinoItalian
Paulus Hector MairNew Latin
Early New High German
Antonio ManciolinoItalian
Achille MarozzoItalian
Joachim MeyerEarly New High German
Marc'Antonio PaganoItalian
Pablo de ParedesSpanish
Andre PaurenfeyndtEarly New High German
PeloquinMiddle French
Balthasaro Cramonio PomeranoEarly New High German
Antonius RastEarly New High German
Francisco RománSpanish
Christoff RösenerEarly New High German
Henry de Sainct DidierMiddle French
Vincentio SavioloEnglish
George SilverEnglish
Lienhart SollingerEarly New High German
Mercurio SpezioliItalian
Jerónimo Sánchez de CarranzaSpanish
Angelo Viggiani dal MontoneItalian
Jörg WilhalmEarly New High German
Jobst von WürttembergEarly New High German

17th Century Masters

Torquato d'AlessandriItalian
Francesco Fernando AlfieriItalian
Pieter BaillyDutch
André des BordesMiddle French
Johannes Georgius BruchiusDutch
Ridolfo Capo Ferro da CagliItalian
Terenziano CeresaItalian
Marco DoccioliniItalian
Salvator FabrisItalian
Early New High German
Octavio FerraraSpanish
Nicoletto GigantiItalian
Early New High German
Diogo Gomes de FigueyredoPortuguese
Pedro de HerediaMiddle French
Sebastian HeußlerEarly New High German
Michael HundtNew Latin
Early New High German
Joachim KöppeEarly New High German
Johann Daniel LangeEarly New High German
Jacopo MonesiItalian
Luis Pacheco de NarvaezSpanish
Camillo PalladiniItalian
Johann Georg PaschaNew High German
Nicolaes PetterDutch
New High German
Hans Wilhelm Schöffer von DietzEarly New High German
Alessandro SeneseItalian
Jakob Sutor von BadenEarly New High German
Joseph SwetnamEnglish
Gérard Thibault d'AnversFrench
Theodori VeroliniNew High German

18th Century Masters

Carlo Giuseppe ColombaniItalian
Johann Andreas SchmidtEarly New High German

19th Century Masters