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Giovanni dall'Agocchie

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Giovanni dall'Agocchie
Born March 9, 1547
Bologna, Italy
Died 16th century (?)
Occupation Fencing master
Patron Fabio Pepoli, Count of Castiglione (?)
Movement Dardi tradition
Genres Fencing manual
Language Italian
Notable work(s) Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre (1572)
Translations Traduction française

Giovanni dall'Agocchie di Bologna (dalle Agocchie, Agucchi, Agocchia; b. March 9, 1547) was a 16th century Italian fencing master. Little is known about this master's life, but he was been Bolognese by birth and seems to have been an initiate of the tradition of Filippo di Bartolomeo Dardi. In 1572, dall'Agocchie wrote and published a treatise on warfare, including fencing with the side sword, titled Dell'Arte di Scrima Libri Tre ("Three Books on the Art of Defense"). He dedicated it to Fabio Pepoli, Count of Castiglione, but it's unclear if he was ever attached to the comital court.


Additional Resources

  • Swanger, Jherek. The Art of Defense: on Fencing, the Joust, and Battle Formation, by Giovanni dall’Agocchie. Self-published, 2018.