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Website: http://celyn.drizzlehosting.com/jherek/archive.html

Wiktenauer contributions


The following articles include translations by W. Jherek Swanger.


W. Jherek Swanger has produced or contributed to the following books and journal articles.


  • Swanger, Jherek (2013). A Treatise on the Science of Arms, with a Philosophical Dialogue, by Camillo Agrippa: an Annotated Translation. Self-published.
  • Swanger, Jherek (2013). The Way to Employ Arms with Certainty. Self-published.
  • Swanger, Jherek (2017). The Fencing Method of Angelo Viggiani: Lo Schermo, Part III. Self-published.
  • Swanger, Jherek (2018). The Art of Defense: on Fencing, the Joust, and Battle Formation, by Giovanni dall’Agocchie. Self-published.
  • Swanger, Jherek (2018). The Duel, or the Flower of Arms for Single Combat, Both Offensive and Defensive, by Achille Marozzo. Self-published.
  • Swanger, Jherek (2021). How to Fight and Defend with Arms of Every Kind, by Antonio Manciolino. Self-published.