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Johannes Suvenus

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Johannes Suvenus
Born 14th century
Swabia, Germany (?)
Died 14th century (?)
Occupation Fencing master
Influences Nicholai de Toblem
Influenced Fiore de'i Liberi

Johannes Suvenus (Johane dicto suueno) was a 14th century fencing master of uncertain nationality, though his name probably indicates that he came from the Swabia region of Germany (Suevia in Latin).[1][2][3] The only record of his existence comes from the introduction to the Pisani Dossi version of Fiore de'i Liberi's fencing manual, The Flower of Battle. Liberi describes him as his principal teacher among the many German and Italian masters he studied with, and states that Suvenus was himself a student of Nicholai de Toblem.[4]


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