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Hans Stettner von Mörnsheim

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Hans Stettner of Mörnsheim
Born date of birth unknown
Died before 1470
Occupation Fencing master
Nationality German
Movement Fellowship of Liechtenauer
Influences Johannes Liechtenauer
Influenced Paulus Kal
Language Early New High German

Hans Stettner von Mörnsheim was a 15th century German fencing master. Though no treatise authored by him is currently known to survive, he seems to have been Paulus Kal's principle teacher, and Kal names him "the master of all pupils." For this reason, he was included in Kal's roll of the Fellowship of Liechtenauer in ca. 1470.[1]


  1. The Fellowship of Liechtenauer is recorded in three versions of Paulus Kal's treatise: MS 1825 (1460s), Cgm 1570 (ca. 1470), and MS KK5126 (1480s).