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Lienhart Sollinger

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Lienhart Sollinger
Born before ca.1540
Sollingen, Germany
Died after 1587
Genres Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
Signature Lienhart Sollinger Sig.jpg

Lienhart Sollinger (Lienhartt Sollinger, Dollinger, Zollinger) was a 16th century German Freifechter. Only a few details of his life are currently known. He was married, and his wife also practiced fencing.[citation needed] Paulus Hector Mair notes that in 1559 he donated a sword as the prize for a tournament, and in 1561 he performed a sword dance for Albrecht Ⅳ, Duke of Bavaria.[1] The Strassbourg Chronicles mention that in 1587, he came to Strasbourg with his wife and they participated in a sword dance.[citation needed]

Sollinger was an avid collector (or possibly dealer) of fencing manuals, and at least four extant manuscripts passed through his collection before being sold to fellow collector Paulus Hector Mair: Cod. Ⅰ.6.4º.5 (1522), Cod. Ⅰ.6.2º.3 (1522), Cod. Ⅰ.6.2º.2 (1523), and MS E.1939.65.354 (1533). All four of these manuscripts include treatises by Augsburg master Jörg Wilhalm, a coincidence that has lead some researchers to speculate that they were personally acquainted.[citation needed] He also had access to MS Germ. quart. 2020 and Cgm 3711, though there are no records showing that he owned them.

In addition, Sollinger left three known fencing manuscripts in his own hand. In 1556, he produced Cgm 3712, an anthology of treatises by members of the Fellowship of Liechtenauer and other masters who may have followed the tradition of the grand master. This text was largely copied from Cod. Ⅰ.6.2º.3 and MS E.1939.65.354, but there are also other contents whose origin manuscripts are unknown. His second manuscript, written in 1564, was a nearly complete copy of Andre Paurenfeyndt's printed book Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey, with several pages of additional content copied from MS Germ. quart. 2020. This currently forms part B of the Cod. Ⅰ.6.2º.2. Finally, some time in or before 1588 he created Cod.Guelf.38.21 Aug.2°, a copy of Cgm 3711 to which he added his own treatise on the use of the Messer.


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