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Martial Arts Studies

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Martial Arts Studies

Select papers

The following is an incomplete list of the papers published in Martial Arts Studies, limited to publications containing scans, transcriptions, or translations of, or peer-reviewed research on fencing treatises.

  • Hay, Alexander (2015). "The Art and Politics of Fence: Subtexts and Ideologies of Late Sixteenth Century Fencing Manuals." Martial Arts Studies 1: 60-71. doi:10.18573/j.2015.10019.
  • Jaquet, Daniel (2020). "Collecting Martial Art Knowledge on Paper in Early Modern Germany and China: The Examples of Paulus Hector Mair and Qi Jiguang and Their Reading in the 21st Century." Martial Arts Studies 9: 86-92. doi:10.18573/mas.101.
  • Talaga, Maciej (2022). "'Have the Highest Righteous Fencer in Your Mind's Eye': Medieval Martial Ethic as a Conceptual Repository for Just War Theory." Martial Arts Studies 12: 8-18. doi:10.18573/mas.154.