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Paladin Press

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Paladin Press
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Status Active
Founded 1970
Founder Peder Lund & Robert K. Brown
Country of origin United States
Distribution United States
Official website [http://www.paladin-press.com www.paladin-press.com]

Paladin Press is a book publishing firm founded in 1970 by Peder Lund and Robert K. Brown.[1] The company publishes non-fiction books and videos covering a wide range of specialty topics,[2] including (but not limited to) personal and financial freedom, survivalism and preparedness, firearms and shooting, various martial arts and self-defense, military and police tactics, investigation techniques, spying, lockpicking, sabotage, revenge, knives and knife fighting, explosives, and other "action topics" [3] (though the availability of books on topics like improvised explosives has been severely curtailed in recent years).[4]

Current publishing ventures

Paladin Press currently publishes (or has formerly published) work from a variety of well-known and notable figures in the firearms, martial arts, self-defense, and survival fields, among them John Plaster, Kelly McCann, Ragnar Benson, Jim Cirillo, Jim Arvanitis, Louis Awerbuck, Marc MacYoung, Sammy Franco, Jeff Cooper, Col. Rex Applegate, William E. Fairbairn, Michael Janich, Mike Conti, and Phil Elmore. In the spring of 2006, Paladin announced that it had acquired the rights to reprint 40 books previously published by Loompanics Unlimited, including the works of Claire Wolfe, Eddie the Wire, and other popular anti-authoritarian writers. [5]

A new in-house printing press has enabled Paladin to launch an ambitious program to reprint classic combat books in the public domain as well as bring back into print select titles it had dropped over the years. To date, the company has reprinted previously hard-to-find books on World War II hand-to-hand combat, firearms, combat shooting, counterinsurgency, martial arts, survival skills, boxing, wrestling, and self-defense.

HEMA Publications

Paladin began publishing HEMA material in the late 90s with the release of John Clements' short volume Renaissance Swordsmanship. It now boasts 24 titles by practitioners such as Jeffrey Hull, Brian Hunt, David James Knight, David Lindholm, Brian R. Price, Hank Reinhardt, Peter Svärd, Jason Vail, Paul Wagner, Bartłomiej Walczak, and Grzegorz Żabiński.