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Monika Maziarz

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Copy from Knightly Dueling:

Monika Maziarzhas earned her Master of Arts and now is writing her Ph.D. dissertation in Humanities on the subject of German language history at the University of Leipzig. She trains in Renaissance German martial arts the ARMA way. She has partaken of horse riding for some years now and still enjoys it today. She studies German philology and medieval history. She likes swimming, archery, and translating old German manuscripts.

Wiktenauer contributions


Monika Maziarz has transcribed some portion of the following texts.

Published Works

  • Hull, Jeffrey, with Mariaz, Monika and Żabiński, Grzegorz. Knightly Dueling: The Fighting Arts of German Chivalry. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press, 2007. ISBN 1-58160-674-4