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Hans Seydenfaden von Erfurt

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Hans Seydenfaden von Erfurt
Born date of birth unknown
Died before 1470
Occupation Fencing master
Nationality German
Citizenship Erfurt
Movement Society of Liechtenauer
Influences Johannes Liechtenauer
Influenced Hans Medel von Salzburg
Language Early New High German

Hans Seydenfaden von Erfurt (Hanns Seyden Faden vo~ Erfürt) was a 15th century German fencing master. Seydenfaden means silk thread, possibly a reference to his occupation, and Erfurt is a city in the German state Thuringia. Though no treatise authored by him is currently know to survive, his renown as a master was sufficient for Paulus Kal to include him in the list of members of the Society of Liechtenauer in 1470.[1]

His name is also mentioned twice in the 1539 Hans Medel Fechtbuch,[2] which may indicate that Hans Medel possessed a treatise by Seydenfaden that is now lost. It is even possible that the treatise on Seven Stances that Medel included was written by Seydenfaden.


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