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Dresden Gloss Fragment

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Dresden Gloss Fragment
Author(s) Unknown
Date 15th century
Language Early New High German
MS Dresd.C.487 (1504-19)
First Printed
English Edition
Tobler, 2001

The Dresden Gloss Fragment is an anonymous 15th century German commentary on a few lines of Johannes Liechtenauer's Recital (Zettel) on the long sword. The only known copy is in the manuscript Dresd.C.487, where it occupies three folia and is followed by six blank folia, perhaps indicating that it was left incomplete by the author or scribe. Its teachings are compatible with those of other 15th century glossators, but it includes a few ideas not seen anywhere else (such as the wrathful cut being intended for use against strikes straight down from above and the crooked cut being intended for use against all other strikes).


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