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Christian Trosclair began studying Martial Arts in earnest in 1992. Dance, yoga, movement, biomechanics and body work followed soon after. Ten years were spent in pursuit of Bagua, Xing Yi, Capoeira, Systema, Bharat Nattyam, Flamenco, Argentinian Tango, Taoist and Buddhist Meditation, various Yogas, and body modalities.

In 2005 Jean Chandler introduced him to the Kunst des Fechtens and a new passion took the helm. He became a fellow and eventually an instructor at Systeme d'Armes New Orleans.

Unhappy with the dearth of publicly available translations at the time, he started down the path research.

Over the years he has produced translations of all available 15thC german longsword and many 16thC longsword, messer and other texts. He has added to the inventory of known treatises. He currently researches primary documents, collecting knowledge of context and practice.

In 2012 he joined the Wiktenauer Project as Technical Director and began publishing his translations, culminating in the 2015 release of a critical translation and correlation of the texts of the Ringeck lineage.

He is a member of the Western Martial Arts Coalition and a lifetime member of the Hema Alliance and a former member of it's Governing council.

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