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Solothurner Fechtbuch (Cod.S.554)

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Das Solothurner Fechtbuch
Cod.S.554, Zentralbibliothek Solothurn
Solothurn, Switzerland

Cod.S.554 II.jpg
Cod.S.554 III.jpg
Date ca. 1506 - 1514
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Paulus Kal
Illustrator(s) Unknown
Material Paper, in a 16th-century leather binding
with brass furniture
Size 34 folia (originally 62) (145 mm × 195 mm)
Format Double-sided; one uncaptioned illustration
per side
Exemplar(s) Cgm 1507 (ca. 1470)
Previously kept Friedrich Fiala of Basil (1884)
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans

The Codex S.554 is an early 16th century copy of Paulus Kal's fencing manual of ca. 1470. The original currently rests in the holdings of the Zentralbibliothek Solothurn in Solothurn, Switzerland. The paper of the manuscript bears a watermark that was used between 1506 and 1514, though it may have been created after that.[1] Unfortunately, the manuscript survives only in fragmentary form: just 30 of the original 62 folia remain, including only 57 illustrations.

Kal's treatise consists of a partial redaction of the writings of Johannes Liechtenauer on Kampffechten, Roßfechten, and Bloßfechten, as well as Kal's own teachings on a variety of other weapons. It differs from the works of other followers of Liechtenauer in that instead of offering extensive glosses of the high master's verses, Kal explains them with detailed illustrations. This manuscript appears to be a text-less copy of the Cgm 1507, possibly mediated by the MS KK5126,[2] but with decidedly superior artwork to the other copies of the Kal's treatise.



As only half of the original manuscript is currently available, this table of content is highly speculative. It has been extrapolated from the archetype and the image numbers found on the remaining pages.

1r - 11v Mounted fencing illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise
12r - 28v Armored fencing illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise
29rv Illustrations of dueling between a man and a woman from Paulus Kal's treatise
30r - 36r Longshield illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise
36v - 50r Long sword illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise
50v - 55r Dagger illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise
55v - 69r Grappling illustrations from Paulus Kal's treatise


Cover 1
Cod.S.554 Cover 1.jpg
Cover 2
Cod.S.554 Cover 2.jpg
Cod.S.554 I.jpg
Cod.S.554 II.jpg
Cod.S.554 III.jpg
Image 1
Cod.S.554 001.jpg
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 9
Image 10
Image 11
Image 12
Image 13
Image 14
Cod.S.554 014.jpg
Image 15
Cod.S.554 015.jpg
Image 16
Image 17
Image 18
Image 19
Image 20
Image 21
Image 22
Image 23
Image 24
Image 25
Image 26
Image 27
Image 28
Image 29
Image 30
Image 31
Image 32
Image 33
Image 34
Image 35
Image 36
Image 37
Image 38
Image 39
Image 40
Image 41
Image 42
Image 43
Image 44
Image 45
Image 46
Image 47
Image 48
Image 49
Image 50
Cod.S.554 050.jpg
Image 51
Cod.S.554 051.jpg
Image 52
Cod.S.554 052.jpg
Image 53
Cod.S.554 053.jpg
Image 54
Cod.S.554 054.jpg
Image 55
Cod.S.554 055.jpg
Image 56
Cod.S.554 056.jpg
Image 57
Cod.S.554 057.jpg
Image 58
Cod.S.554 058.jpg
Image 59
Cod.S.554 059.jpg
Image 60
Cod.S.554 060.jpg
Image 61
Cod.S.554 061.jpg
Image 62
Cod.S.554 062.jpg
Image 63
Cod.S.554 063.jpg
Image 64
Cod.S.554 064.jpg
Image 65
Cod.S.554 065.jpg
Image 66
Cod.S.554 066.jpg
Image 67
Cod.S.554 067.jpg
Image 68
Cod.S.554 068.jpg
Image 69
Cod.S.554 069.jpg
Image 70
Cod.S.554 070.jpg
Image 71
Cod.S.554 071.jpg
Image 72
Cod.S.554 072.jpg
Image 73
Cod.S.554 073.jpg
Image 74
Cod.S.554 074.jpg
Image 75
Cod.S.554 075.jpg
Image 76
Cod.S.554 076.jpg
Image 77
Cod.S.554 077.jpg
Image 78
Image 79
Image 80
Image 81
Image 82
Cod.S.554 082.jpg
Image 83
Cod.S.554 083.jpg
Image 84
Cod.S.554 084.jpg
Image 85
Cod.S.554 085.jpg
Image 86
Cod.S.554 086.jpg
Image 87
Cod.S.554 087.jpg
Image 88
Cod.S.554 088.jpg
Image 89
Cod.S.554 089.jpg
Image 90
Cod.S.554 090.jpg
Image 91
Cod.S.554 091.jpg
Image 92
Cod.S.554 092.jpg
Image 93
Cod.S.554 093.jpg
Image 94
Image 95
Image 96
Image 97
Image 98
Image 99
Image 100
Cod.S.554 100.jpg
Image 101
Cod.S.554 101.jpg
Image 102
Cod.S.554 102.jpg
Image 103
Cod.S.554 103.jpg
Image 104
Cod.S.554 104.jpg
Image 105
Cod.S.554 105.jpg
Image 106
Cod.S.554 106.jpg
Image 107
Cod.S.554 107.jpg
Image 108
Image 109
Image 110
Image 111
Image 112
Image 113
Image 114
Image 115
Image 116
Cod.S.554 116.jpg
Image 117
Cod.S.554 117.jpg
Image 118
Cod.S.554 118.jpg
Image 119
Cod.S.554 119.jpg
Image 120
Cod.S.554 120.jpg
Image 121
Cod.S.554 121.jpg
Image 122
Cod.S.554 122.jpg
Image 123
Cod.S.554 123.jpg
Image 124
Image 125
Image 126
Image 127
Image 128
Image 129
Image 130
Image 131
Image 132
Image 133
Image 134
Image 135
Image 136
Image 137
Image 138
Image 139
Cod.S.554 140.jpg
Cod.S.554 141.jpg
Cover 3
Cod.S.554 Cover 3.jpg
Cover 4
Cod.S.554 Cover 4.jpg

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