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The Schilhaw (Schielhaw, Schilthaw; "Glancing Hew" or "Squinting Hew"), also called the Schiller, is one of the several hidden strikes mentioned in Johannes Liechtenauer's Recital on unarmored long sword fencing.

Primary Sources

Video Interpretations

{{#evp:youtube|KSPv5HlY8Q8|Jake Norwood, Capitol Kunst des Fechtens|left}}

{{#evp:youtube|I_hph7_8MHc|Jake Norwood, Maryland Kunst des Fechtens|left}}

{{#evp:youtube|uhTY5cLB9ZU|Cory Winslow, Medieval European Martial Arts Guild|left}}

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  1. Talhoffer adds an additional couplet: [4r] "So machst du in wol betöwben / Die faller in kunst berowben"
  2. Leger - guards
  3. Versetzen - parrying
  4. Vienna omits
  5. Augsburg II: notable
  6. Augsburg II: aborts during the cut of your sword
  7. Vienna: omits this line