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Berlin Picture Book (Libr.Pict.A.83)

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Berlin Sketchbook
Libr.Pict.A83, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Libr.Pict.A.83 Iv.jpg
Libr.Pict.A.83 1r.jpg
Type Sketchbook
Date ca. 1512
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Unknown
Illustrator(s) Albrecht Dürer's workshop (?)
Material Paper, with a half-leather cover
Size 65 folia
Format Double-sided; two illustrations per
side, with scattered text
Script Bastarda
External data Museum catalog entry
Treatise scans Digital scans (750x1100)

The Berlin Sketchbook (Libri Picture A.83) is a German manuscript created in ca. 1512, probably in the workshop of Albrecht Dürer.[citation needed] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin in Berlin, Germany. This manuscript was a sketchbook, not a true fencing manual, and its focus is on accurately depicting the fighters rather than on explicating their techniques. It seems to be connected in some way to the Nuremberg manuscript group.



Folio Section
1r - 6v
7r - 32v Longsword illustrations from the Nuremberg tradition
33r - 36r Illustrations of longsword and buckler
36v - 65v Dagger illustrations from the Nuremberg tradition


Images hosted by the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

Libr.Pict.A.83 Cover 5.jpg
Front Cover
Libr.Pict.A.83 Cover 1.jpg
Inside Cover
Libr.Pict.A.83 Cover 2.jpg
Libr.Pict.A.83 Ir.jpg
Libr.Pict.A.83 Iv.jpg
Folio 1r
Libr.Pict.A.83 01r.jpg
Folio 1v
Libr.Pict.A.83 01v.jpg
Folio 2r
Libr.Pict.A.83 02r.jpg
Folio 2v
Libr.Pict.A.83 02v.jpg
Folio 3r
Libr.Pict.A.83 03r.jpg
Folio 3v
Libr.Pict.A.83 03v.jpg
Folio 4r
Libr.Pict.A.83 04r.jpg
Folio 4v
Libr.Pict.A.83 04v.jpg
Folio 5r
Libr.Pict.A.83 05r.jpg
Folio 5v
Libr.Pict.A.83 05v.jpg
Folio 6r
Libr.Pict.A.83 06r.jpg
Folio 6v
Libr.Pict.A.83 06v.jpg
Folio 7r
Libr.Pict.A.83 07r.jpg
Folio 7v
Libr.Pict.A.83 07v.jpg
Folio 8r
Libr.Pict.A.83 08r.jpg
Folio 8v
Libr.Pict.A.83 08v.jpg
Folio 9r
Libr.Pict.A.83 09r.jpg
Folio 9v
Libr.Pict.A.83 09v.jpg
Folio 10r
Libr.Pict.A.83 10r.jpg
Folio 10v
Libr.Pict.A.83 10v.jpg
Folio 11r
Libr.Pict.A.83 11r.jpg
Folio 11v
Libr.Pict.A.83 11v.jpg
Folio 12r
Libr.Pict.A.83 12r.jpg
Folio 12v
Libr.Pict.A.83 12v.jpg
Folio 13r
Libr.Pict.A.83 13r.jpg
Folio 13v
Libr.Pict.A.83 13v.jpg
Folio 14r
Libr.Pict.A.83 14r.jpg
Folio 14v
Libr.Pict.A.83 14v.jpg
Folio 15r
Libr.Pict.A.83 15r.jpg
Folio 15v
Libr.Pict.A.83 15v.jpg
Folio 16r
Libr.Pict.A.83 16r.jpg
Folio 16v
Libr.Pict.A.83 16v.jpg
Folio 17r
Libr.Pict.A.83 17r.jpg
Folio 17v
Libr.Pict.A.83 17v.jpg
Folio 18r
Libr.Pict.A.83 18r.jpg
Folio 18v
Libr.Pict.A.83 18v.jpg
Folio 19r
Libr.Pict.A.83 19r.jpg
Folio 19v
Libr.Pict.A.83 19v.jpg
Folio 20r
Libr.Pict.A.83 20r.jpg
Folio 20v
Libr.Pict.A.83 20v.jpg
Folio 21r
Libr.Pict.A.83 21r.jpg
Folio 21v
Libr.Pict.A.83 21v.jpg
Folio 22r
Libr.Pict.A.83 22r.jpg
Folio 22v
Libr.Pict.A.83 22v.jpg
Folio 23r
Libr.Pict.A.83 23r.jpg
Folio 23v
Libr.Pict.A.83 23v.jpg
Folio 24r
Libr.Pict.A.83 24r.jpg
Folio 24v
Libr.Pict.A.83 24v.jpg
Folio 25r
Libr.Pict.A.83 25r.jpg
Folio 25v
Libr.Pict.A.83 25v.jpg
Folio 26r
Libr.Pict.A.83 26r.jpg
Folio 26v
Libr.Pict.A.83 26v.jpg
Folio 27r
Libr.Pict.A.83 27r.jpg
Folio 27v
Libr.Pict.A.83 27v.jpg
Folio 28r
Libr.Pict.A.83 28r.jpg
Folio 28v
Libr.Pict.A.83 28v.jpg
Folio 29r
Libr.Pict.A.83 29r.jpg
Folio 29v
Libr.Pict.A.83 29v.jpg
Folio 30r
Libr.Pict.A.83 30r.jpg
Folio 30v
Libr.Pict.A.83 30v.jpg
Folio 31r
Libr.Pict.A.83 31r.jpg
Folio 31v
Libr.Pict.A.83 31v.jpg
Folio 32r
Libr.Pict.A.83 32r.jpg
Folio 32v
Libr.Pict.A.83 32v.jpg
Folio 33r
Libr.Pict.A.83 33r.jpg
Folio 33v
Libr.Pict.A.83 33v.jpg
Folio 34r
Libr.Pict.A.83 34r.jpg
Folio 34v
Libr.Pict.A.83 34v.jpg
Folio 35r
Libr.Pict.A.83 35r.jpg
Folio 35v
Libr.Pict.A.83 35v.jpg
Folio 36r
Libr.Pict.A.83 36r.jpg
Folio 36v
Libr.Pict.A.83 36v.jpg
Folio 37r
Libr.Pict.A.83 37r.jpg
Folio 37v
Libr.Pict.A.83 37v.jpg
Folio 38r
Libr.Pict.A.83 38r.jpg
Folio 38v
Libr.Pict.A.83 38v.jpg
Folio 39r
Libr.Pict.A.83 39r.jpg
Folio 39v
Libr.Pict.A.83 39v.jpg
Folio 40r
Libr.Pict.A.83 40r.jpg
Folio 40v
Libr.Pict.A.83 40v.jpg
Folio 41r
Libr.Pict.A.83 41r.jpg
Folio 41v
Libr.Pict.A.83 41v.jpg
Folio 42r
Libr.Pict.A.83 42r.jpg
Folio 42v
Libr.Pict.A.83 42v.jpg
Folio 43r
Libr.Pict.A.83 43r.jpg
Folio 43v
Libr.Pict.A.83 43v.jpg
Folio 44r
Libr.Pict.A.83 44r.jpg
Folio 44v
Libr.Pict.A.83 44v.jpg
Folio 45r
Libr.Pict.A.83 45r.jpg
Folio 45v
Libr.Pict.A.83 45v.jpg
Folio 46r
Libr.Pict.A.83 46r.jpg
Folio 46v
Libr.Pict.A.83 46v.jpg
Folio 47r
Libr.Pict.A.83 47r.jpg
Folio 47v
Libr.Pict.A.83 47v.jpg
Folio 48r
Libr.Pict.A.83 48r.jpg
Folio 48v
Libr.Pict.A.83 48v.jpg
Folio 49r
Libr.Pict.A.83 49r.jpg
Folio 49v
Libr.Pict.A.83 49v.jpg
Folio 50r
Libr.Pict.A.83 50r.jpg
Folio 50v
Libr.Pict.A.83 50v.jpg
Folio 51r
Libr.Pict.A.83 51r.jpg
Folio 51v
Libr.Pict.A.83 51v.jpg
Folio 52r
Libr.Pict.A.83 52r.jpg
Folio 52v
Libr.Pict.A.83 52v.jpg
Folio 53r
Libr.Pict.A.83 53r.jpg
Folio 53v
Libr.Pict.A.83 53v.jpg
Folio 54r
Libr.Pict.A.83 54r.jpg
Folio 54v
Libr.Pict.A.83 54v.jpg
Folio 55r
Libr.Pict.A.83 55r.jpg
Folio 55v
Libr.Pict.A.83 55v.jpg
Folio 56r
Libr.Pict.A.83 56r.jpg
Folio 56v
Libr.Pict.A.83 56v.jpg
Folio 57r
Libr.Pict.A.83 57r.jpg
Folio 57v
Libr.Pict.A.83 57v.jpg
Folio 58r
Libr.Pict.A.83 58r.jpg
Folio 58v
Libr.Pict.A.83 58v.jpg
Folio 59r
Libr.Pict.A.83 59r.jpg
Folio 59v
Libr.Pict.A.83 59v.jpg
Folio 60r
Libr.Pict.A.83 60r.jpg
Folio 60v
Libr.Pict.A.83 60v.jpg
Folio 61r
Libr.Pict.A.83 61r.jpg
Folio 61v
Libr.Pict.A.83 61v.jpg
Folio 62r
Libr.Pict.A.83 62r.jpg
Folio 62v
Libr.Pict.A.83 62v.jpg
Folio 63r
Libr.Pict.A.83 63r.jpg
Folio 63v
Libr.Pict.A.83 63v.jpg
Folio 64r
Libr.Pict.A.83 64r.jpg
Folio 64v
Libr.Pict.A.83 64v.jpg
Folio 65r
Libr.Pict.A.83 65r.jpg
Folio 65v
Libr.Pict.A.83 65v.jpg
Folio 66r
Libr.Pict.A.83 66r.jpg
Folio 66v
Libr.Pict.A.83 66v.jpg
Inside Cover
Libr.Pict.A.83 Cover 3.jpg
Back Cover
Libr.Pict.A.83 Cover 4.jpg

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