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Anonymous sword and buckler images

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These uncaptioned images generally appear across multiple manuscripts (almost entirely from the 16th century), but their origin and relationship are entirely unknown.

The first group, found in the Cl. 23842 (ca. 1490s) and the MS B.26 (1500); their presence in the Cluny may indicate that they were intended to illustrate one or more prior German fencing treatises (such as that of Andre Lignitzer).

The second group, found in the Libr.Pict.A.83 (ca. 1510), Cod.I.6.2º.4 (1530s), and Cgm 3712 (1556), are believed to have been part of the tradition that produced the MS I.33, and along with the writings of Paulus Kal formed the basis of Paulus Hector Mair's treatment of the weapon combination.