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  1. alt: departure
  2. The Salzburg differs: Item. The hereafter written new recital Master Martin Syber had prepared and set-down and is a selection of many masterful applications and is partitioned and set down in six courses
  3. G & R omit
  4. G: previous
  5. R: previously illustrated
  6. zugehen is a synonym for zufechten here
  7. S: omitted
  8. alt: the hard
  9. mitmachen. alt: completes
  10. ehegefährt note: this is attacking in the vor.
  11. know-how
  12. alt: overwhelm; turn(away, aside), entwine, entangle, wrap
  13. alt: jab
  14. G & R: the
  15. alt: make the first-pass too
  16. alt: make the first-pass too
  17. G & R: half-parter
  18. alt: make the half-squinter too
  19. S: you
  20. alt: Force-out the shield in the strong
  21. alt: make the first-pass too
  22. R: Then make...
  23. alt: make the first-pass too
  24. G & R: Strike
  25. G & R: fail or fall
  26. G: down
  27. alt: as soon as. (just in time)
  28. alt: make the first-pass too
  29. alt: twisting
  30. G: your