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Fiore de'i Liberi/Dagger/8th master

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Novati Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester
Getty Translation Complete translation by Colin Hatcher

Paris Translation Draft translation by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber
Morgan Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester

Morgan Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Getty Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Pisani Dossi Transcription (1409) [edit]
by Francesco Novati

Paris Transcription (1420s) [edit]
by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber

MS Ludwig XV 13 17r-c.jpg



I am the Eighth [Dagger Remedy] Master and I cross with my dagger. And this cover is good both armored or unarmored. And some of my plays are shown before me, and some are shown after me…

In this way, I carry my dagger while fighting during the cross[ing]. Any defense
Which the dagger offers does not oppose itself in the play,
But I will be strong to lay waste in playing using many moves.

Cod.1324 31v-c.png

[94] …In the play that is shown before me, three plays back [72], the Zugadore was struck in his hand with the point of his opponent's dagger. Similarly in this play I could strike downwards to his hand just as in the earlier play I struck upwards to his hand.

Also, I could seize his hand at the wrist with my left hand, and then strike him hard with my right hand, just as you will find demonstrated by the ninth student [108] of the Ninth [Dagger Remedy] Master, who strikes the Zugadore in the chest. Also, I could do the last play that follows after [109] where I drop my own dagger and take his.

MS Ludwig XV 13 17r-d.jpg

[95] I am the counter-remedy to the Eighth [Dagger Remedy] Master that preceded me, and to all of his students…

[This counter was moved before [97] and [98] because it is unclear how they relate to the Eight Master.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 12a-b.png

[96] After this turn that I make you do
I will strike you and force you to the ground.

…If I extend my left hand to his elbow, I can push it so strongly that I can strike him obliquely. Also, as I make him turn I can throw my arm around his neck and hurt him in a variety of possible ways.

MS Ludwig XV 13 17v-a.jpg

[97] This is a guard that is a strong cover in armor or unarmored. It is a good cover because from it you can quickly put your opponent into a lower lock or “strong key.” This is what is depicted by the sixth play [54] of the Third [Dagger Remedy] Master who defends against the reverse hand strike and who uses his left arm to bind the Zugadore’s right arm.

MS Ludwig XV 13 17v-b.jpg
Cod.1324 29r-a.png

[98] This cover that I make like this with arms crossed is good in armor or unarmored. And my play puts the Zugadore into the lower lock, which is also called the “strong key,” which the scholar who preceded me told you about, namely the sixth play [54] of the Third Master who defends with his right hand against the reverse hand strike. And this play is made similarly to the play that immediately preceded me, but is begun in a slightly different way.

And our counter–remedy again is the elbow push.

[The Master in the right image is missing both garter and crown.]