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Fiore de'i Liberi/Dagger/6th master

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Novati Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester
Getty Translation Complete translation by Colin Hatcher

Paris Translation Draft translation by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber
Morgan Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester

Morgan Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Getty Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Pisani Dossi Transcription (1409) [edit]
by Francesco Novati

Paris Transcription (1420s) [edit]
by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber

MS Latin 11269 36v-a.png
Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-e.png

[81] There is no man who knows more about dagger versus dagger than I.
Whether in armor or without, I will gravely injure you,
And when fighting at the barrier I truly love
To vanquish everyone with these close plays.

I am the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master and I tell you that this cover is good either in armor or without armor. And with this cover I can cover attacks from all directions and enter into all of the holds and binds, and strike to finish, as the students who follow me will show. And each of my students will make this cover, and then they will make the plays shown after, as they are qualified to do.

I do not recognize the man with whom I can’t play.
If we both lead while turning dagger in dagger,
Either I would be armed [with both], or by chance we would be without weapons,
And that movement is pleasing, provided that it would be a close play.

MS Ludwig XV 13 16r-b.jpg

[82] I made the cover of the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master who preceded me. And as soon as I have made this grip I will be able to strike you. And because I position my left hand in this way, I will not fail to take away your dagger. I can also put you in the middle bind, which is the third play [3] of the First Dagger Remedy Master. I could also make other plays against you, without abandoning my dagger.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11b-a.png
MS Ludwig XV 13 16r-c.jpg

[83] From the cover of my Master which is so perfect,
I will strike you in the chest with a half turn of my dagger.

I have made this half turn from the cover of my Sixth Master and I have quickly positioned myself to strike you. And even if you were armored I would care little, for in that case I would thrust this dagger in your face. However, as you can see, in this case I have thrust it into your chest because you are not armored and you do not know the close range game.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11b-b.png

[84] With my Master’s cover and with a half turn to the outside,
I can still strike or bind you or take away your dagger.

I have not abandoned the cover of my Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master. I turn my left arm over your right. And moving my right foot at the same time as my left arm I turn myself to the outside. You are now partly bound, and you will have to admit that you will quickly lose your dagger. And I make this play so quickly that I have no concern or fear of your counter.

[In the Paris, the Scholar wears a crown, and both he and his opponent have their right feet forward.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-f.png

[85] From the cover my Master made
With this grip and cover I will give you grief.

Having made the cover of my Master, I made this grip. And I can strike you whether you are armored or unarmored. And I can also put you into the lower lock of the first scholar of the Fourth Dagger Remedy Master.

MS Ludwig XV 13 16v-b.jpg

[86] Without abandoning the cover of the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master, I make this turn [with my dagger]. Your right hand will lose the dagger, and seeing that you have been reversed, my dagger will quickly strike you, and your dagger will be lost to you. Also I can make a turn with my left arm and make you suffer in the lower lock.

Pisani-Dossi MS 12a-a.png

[87] If you and I are both armored,
I will thrust the knife into your hand, as you can see.

Although I am placed after the counter-remedy to the Sixth Master, I should logically be placed before him, because I am a student of the Sixth [Dagger Remedy] Master and my play belongs to him. And this play makes more sense in armor than unarmored, because if he is armored I can strike him in the hand where he cannot fully protect himself; whereas if he is unarmored, I would aim to strike him in the face or in the chest, or in some other vulnerable place.

[This play has been moved to its proper location as given in Fiore's explanation.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 11b-d.png

[88] With my left hand I will turn you and expose you
And with this counter, I will be able to strike you hard.

I make the counter-remedy of the Sixth King [Dagger Remedy Master], turning your body with an elbow push, and in this way I can strike you, because with this elbow push that I quickly do, I will be able to defend against many close plays. And this is a particularly good counter-remedy to the all of the holds of the close-range game.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11b-c.png

[89] With my left hand placed in my defense as shown,
I will quickly cause you harm with this counter.

  1. Written as segnodo, but with a mark that seems to indicate the letters should be switched.
  2. "lo" appears twice, but neither is struck out.