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Fallen Rook Publishing

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Fallen Rook Publishing
Fallen Rook Publishing.jpg
Founded 2015
Founder Keith Farrell
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location 63 Commerce St
Glasgow, G5 8AD
United Kingdom
Nonfiction topics Historical European Martial Arts
Official website www.fallenrookpublishing.co.uk

Fallen Rook Publishing is an ethical publishing company for the HEMA community, with a simple goal: writing history in the 21st century!

The mission of Fallen Rook Publishing is to provide a professional publishing service to people who would like to share their valuable skills, information, translations and research with the community at large.

We believe that it is considerably better to produce quality publications that have been supported by a strong editing process than for the market to be swamped by poorly edited and poorly constructed self-publications, and so we want to make it as easy as possible for people to access the editing skills of our team.

Our intention is to create a strong brand name for Fallen Rook Publishing, so that it becomes a mark of quality in the community. We want people to know that our publications will contain well researched and well developed material that can be trusted.


The following is an incomplete list of the books and journals by Fallen Rook Publishing, limited to publications containing treatise scans, transcriptions, translations, or peer-reviewed research.

  • Acutt, Jay (2019). Swords, Science, and Society: German Martial Arts in the Middle Ages. Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9934216-9-3.
  • L'Ange, Jéann Daniel (2014). Lessons on the Thrust. Trans. Reinier van Noort. Glasgow: Fallen Rook Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9926735-4-3.
  • Van Noort, Reinier; Jan Schäfer (2018). Proper Description of Thrust-Fencing with the Single Rapier. Ed. Glasgow. Fallen Rook Publishing. ISBN 978-0-9934216-7-9.