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As our patron saint Paulus Hector Mair can attest, accumulating manuals can cause undesired legal entanglements. To avoid this, it's better to store potentially problematic files on WikiMedia Commons

Uploading source files

The source for a work on Wiktenauer should be a scanned copy of the original, usually stored in the PDF file format or in a gallery of individual image files. The file or files should generally be uploaded to Wiktenauer and an Index page with the same name should be created. The exception to this is manuscripts for which Wiktenauer has not received permission to host; these should be uploaded to WikiMedia Commons instead.[1]

Always strive to upload complete and workable source files. Flawed files with missing pages, blurred images, duplicate pages and similar defects that may hinder the transcription process should be addressed prior to uploading whenever possible.

Which file format?

PDF is the preferred file format for book scans on Wiktenauer, while JPEGs or PNGs are preferred for manuscripts. This is because we trim down manuscript scans to just the image of the page itself for copyright reasons, and authoring a new PDF with the revised scans needlessly complicates the process. See the indexing tutorial for more information.

Where to get them

You can either scan a book yourself or find a scan that someone else has already made. PDF files are the most common on Wiktenauer, but DjVu files can also be used. For manuscripts, you will need to find scans that someone else (generally the library or museum which holds it) has made.

Most texts with an existing article in the mainspace will have a list of all available scans. If you're indexing a treatise without an existing article, the easiest place to find scans is the Európai Harcmûvészetek Iskolája Treatise Database. This database includes links to thousands of scanned books and manuscripts in a range of different file formats. Scans can be found through other sites as well, such as Schola Gladiatoria's treatise library and Google Books.

There are many ways to create your own scan, including using special book scanning machines or just a digital camera. If you have scanned a book yourself you can convert it to either PDF format or image files with your own software.

How to add a new text to Wiktenauer

Points to consider before uploading

Before adding a new text, please make sure to read the following guidelines.

  • Check the copyright status. It should be released under a license compatible with the Wiktenauer copyright policy or be in the public domain. Exceptions to this policy must be cleared with an administrator. See the copyright page for more details.
  • Make sure that it is within the inclusion guidelines; if you're not sure, you can ask on the community forum.
  • Read the brief Style guide for title and formatting conventions.

Basic procedure

Fully integrating works into Wiktenauer can be a very complicated process. We don't expect new users to learn the ins and outs of doing this before submitting texts. However, there is a basic procedure that should be followed when adding any texts.

First, you should check that Wiktenauer does not already have the work. Do this by searching for it:

  • Consult the treatise index as well as the author's page, which should list all of their HEMA-related works.
  • Use the search box which is on every page. A drop down list of titles will match the characters as typed.
  • Perform an advanced search on the title, author, or a short phrase from the text.
  • Perform a Wiktenauer-specific search using an external engine, e.g. Google.

Uploading the scan

Usually, the PDF file or image files should be uploaded directly to Wiktenauer or WikiMedia Commons (in the case of manuscripts which Wiktenauer is not authorized to host). This method is the same as the method to upload and add images. PDFs should be named according to standard naming conventions: for manuscripts, the name should be "Manuscript name (shelf mark).pdf"; for books, it should be "Book title (author).pdf".

To upload to Wiktenauer:

To upload to Wikimedia Commons:


  1. While we share WikiMedia Foundation's opinion on the public domain status of 2d reproductions of public domain work, we are a very small organization and lack the resources to fight a legal challenge. For that reason, we prefer to pass the liability to WMF as an organization with the size and reputation to offer such scans the protection they need. And because direct access to the Commons is built into the MediaWiki platform, we can use scans stored there as easily as if they were hosted on our own server.
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