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Roger Norling is an instructor on Joachim Meÿer's Halben Stangen (Quarterstaff) His main focus in his research is the "Kunst des Fechtens" and primarily the longsword, dussack and polearms, but also the culture surrounding the fencers, the fencing guilds and the fencing masters.

The last few years he has been focusing on the works of Joachim Meÿer and in this enjoys working together with the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild, where he is an honourary member, as well as his former fellow members of the GHFS, before leaving the GHFS in 2016 to start a new club.

Currently, he is writing on a series of books which will explore the teachings of Joachim Meyer, in collaboration with researcher friends in the HEMA community.

Roger has been teaching Meyer's Halber Stangen at events in Sweden, Poland, Belgium and England. Next he will be teaching it at various HEMA events in the USA, Austria, The UK, Italy and France. At the time of writing he has taught about 30 workshops at some 20 events.

Roger is also the resonspible publisher, editor and a frequent author for the HROARR site, a site dedicated to the HEMA community that offers articles, reviews, digitized fencing treatises, links to clubs and equipment and more. See more at www.hroarr.com [1]

Finally, Roger is also a member of HEMAC, a European research organization dedicated to promote the Historical European Martial Arts.