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Diniz Cabreira
Born Denís Fernández Cabrera
Nationality Galician
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
Alma mater Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

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Diniz Cabreira («Denís Fernández Cabrera») used to practice Judo and Aikido before learning about Historical European Martial Arts in 2008. While trained in Physics and Computer Science, he presently works as graphic designer. He blames his interest in HEMA on his parents, who raised him with tales about King Arthur, medieval history and chivalric romances.

He co-founded Gallaecia in Armis in 2008 and taught longsword until the club was disbanded in 2017. He subsequently created Arte do Combate to continue studying and teaching Johannes Liechtenauer’s Kunst des Fechtens with a focus on the older sources. He has taught seminars for the galician federation AGEA, the portuguese federation FPEH, HEMA-Portugal and GEMAC.

Há Uma Única Arte da Espada is his portuguese translation of GNM HS 3227a.

He keeps a blog (in portuguese) titled «Nur eyne Kunst» where he writes about Kunst des Fechtens topics.

Interested in the integration of Galiza with the rest of lusophone countries, he co-founded ESPADA with Ton Puey and Alberto Bomprezzi, and is correspondent with HEMA practitioners from Portugal and Brazil.

He strives to promote the work of the AGEA Federation and AGEA Editora in the international HEMA community, translating into english books such as Manuscrito da Espada or Lições da Espada Preta as well as articles or treatise fragments.

As member of the AGEA Editora editorial board he is responsible for the website, general graphic design and book layout.


Diniz can best be contacted via email.

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