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Hello, my name is Alexander Stankiewicz and I'm 21 year old student from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The Fencing is my whole-life passion, so I started to do it at my 14 years from sport fencing. Times to times I went back into the history, form sport fencing to classical fencing, from classical to the HEMA of the Medieval and Renaissance. And HEMA with focus on the longsword via german tradition is my main hobby. I study the longsword technique in FreiFechterGilde under my friend and trainer Sergey Kultaev. He is professional fencer and winner of the lots of competitions from local up to worlds class in classical and art fencing. However, he is also the victor of the 1st ever Russian HEMA tournament(The Tournament of the Saint George) that was held in Moscow if february 22ed. We were 1st, 3d, 4th and 6th places from 24 participants. But, HEMA in Russia is only in the beginning as a movement, so turning back to my biography, I'm one of the popularizes of the HEMA in my country. I studying the world community experience, translating articles and conducting the "Longsword Club" information group in our social network "vkontakte". Right now I'm working with the translation of Dresdens version of the Sigmund Schining ein Ringeck blossfechten gloss. My goal is to make the Art more available for the Russian fencers. Hence, I will publish the work in google disk and open it to the world. But, I also would like to make a hyperlinks to the wiktenauer for each term. And I would like to start a great work of translation the articles form english to russian at the my favorite wiktenauer. That is why I request the account.