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Aera of focus: Liechtenauer's longsword tradition, medieval German wrestling traditions

2004-2006: Celtic sword and shield experimentation based on I.33 2007 onward: Liechtenauer's longsword 2009 onward: phases of ringen training to complement my longsword training, mostly based on Codex Wallerstein

Extensive sport sabre background

Club: AMHE Paris Founding member of the French federation for HEMA (FFAMHE), served as a member of the executive committee from 2011 to 2015 Instructor

Works: Translation to French of the ringen section of Codex Wallerstein in French Blogging on ringen 2012-2014 Co-authered a book in French: http://www.lulu.com/shop/gaëtan-marain-and-alexander-pierre-and-michel-biays/lépée-longue-dun-art-martial-ancien-à-un-sport-dopposition-moderne-pratique-et-méthode-dapprentissage/hardcover/product-22386144.html Launched Art of Fencing, a FB page dedicated to share and explain longsword fencing through competition footage