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Tratt‍ato della sch‍erma (MS M.383)/Reconstruction

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The MS M.383 was almost certainly longer when it was first written; its text makes various references to sections on ax, dagger, and grappling which are not present in the book's current state (though they may never have been completed). Furthermore, there are several points where exactly eight figures are absent compared to the Getty and Pisani Dossi manuscripts.

The Morgan manuscript is composed of individual cut leaves rather than quires of bifolia, which means that there is no indicator of the original order of the surviving pages. The following speculative reconstruction is based on the manuscript contents and the organization of the other surviving copies; given that no fragment of the dagger section remains on which to base a reconstruction, none will be attempted. Attempting to simulate the collation is also pointless, since determining the quire size is impossible.

1 (241)
MS M.383 1r.png
MS M.383 1v.png
2 (245)
MS M.383 2r.png
MS M.383 2v.png
3 (246)
MS M.383 3r.png
MS M.383 3v.png
4 (247)
MS M.383 4r.png
MS M.383 4v.png
5 (248)
MS M.383 5r.png
MS M.383 5v.png
6 (249)
MS M.383 6r.png
MS M.383 6v.png

7 (250)
MS M.383 7r.png
MS M.383 7v.png
8 (251)
MS M.383 8r.png
MS M.383 8v.png
9 (252)
MS M.383 9r.png
MS M.383 9v.png
10 (253)
MS M.383 10r.png
MS M.383 10v.png
11 (254)
MS M.383 11r.png
MS M.383 11v.png
12 (255)
MS M.383 12r.png
MS M.383 12v.png

13 (256)
MS M.383 13r.png
MS M.383 13v.png
14 (242)
MS M.383 14r.png
MS M.383 14v.png
Pisani-Dossi MS 21a.jpg
Pisani-Dossi MS 21b.jpg
16 (244)
MS M.383 16r.png
MS M.383 16v.png
15 (243)
MS M.383 15r.png
MS M.383 15v.png
Pisani-Dossi MS 27a.jpg
Pisani-Dossi MS 27b modified.png

18 (258)
MS M.383 18r.png
MS M.383 18v.png
17 (257)
MS M.383 17r.png
MS M.383 17v.png
Pisani-Dossi MS 14a.jpg
Pisani-Dossi MS 14b.jpg
19 (259)
MS M.383 19r.png
MS M.383 19v.png
MS Ludwig XV 13 06r.jpg
MS Ludwig XV 13 06v.jpg
MS Ludwig XV 13 07r.jpg
MS Ludwig XV 13 07v.jpg

MS Ludwig XV 13 08r.jpg
MS M.383 20v.png