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Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes (Girolamo Cavalcabo)

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Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes
Treatise or Instruction on Fighting with Weapons
Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes.jpg
Title page of the 1595 edition
Full title Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes,
de l'excellent Scrimeur Hyeronime
Cavalcabo, Bolognois, avec un discours
pour tirer de l'espée seule, fait par le
deffunt Paternostrier, de Rome
Also known as Neues Kunstliches Fechtbuch Des
Weitberümbten und viel erfahrnen
Italienischen Fechtmeisters Hieronymi
Cavalcabs von Bononien
Illustrated by Unknown
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Sources MS Italien 1527 (ca. 1580s)
Publication date 1595, 1597, 1609, 1610, 1611, 1612,
1617, 1628
Treatise scans

Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes ("Treatise or Instruction on Fighting with Weapons") is an Italian fencing manual written by Girolamo Cavalcabo and printed in 1595. It treats the use of the rapier and is consistent with the Bolognese fencing tradition; the work also includes a brief treatise by an unknown master referred to only as Paternostraro of Rome. Though Cavalcabo's manuscript of the treatise is written in Italian, it appears to only ever have been published in Middle French and Early New High German translations.

Publication History

Cavalcabo's original manuscript, titled Nobilissimo discorso intorno il schermo ("Most Noble Discourse on Defense"), was translated into French by Jacques de Villamont and first published in Paris in 1595. It seems to have seen lasting popularity, as it was reprinted in Rouen, France, in 1597 and included in the anthology Le guidon des capitaines ("The Standard of Captains") in 1609. Further editions were published in 1610, 1617, and 1628.

In 1611, it was translated into German and published by Conrad von Einsidell in Leipzig, Germany. A second German edition was published in 1612 in Jena, and a third in 1664 again in Leipzig.


1 - 6 Introduction by Girolamo Cavalcabo
7 - 55,
71 - 95
Rapier by Girolamo Cavalcabo
56 - 68 Rapier by Paternostraro


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Additional Resources

  • Runacres, Rob (2015). Treatise or Instruction for Fencing: By Hieronymus Calvacabo of Bologna and Patenostrier of Rome. Self-published.


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