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Work Author(s) Source License
Modernization Stevie Thurston Private communication
Transcription Stevie Thurston Index:Ledall Roll (Additional MS 39564)

Translator's notes

Editor's note: The changes in sequence noted here are not reflected in the translation on Wiktenauer aside from title changes, which are footnoted. While the altered sequence is entirely justified and we endorse it, it is our policy to match translations to the original documents as much as possible and so we can't resequence this treatise until the original manuscript from which it was copied surfaces.

Additional Manuscript 39564; The Ledall Roll.

In this translation there have been some alterations made to what the original scribe wrote. In the original manuscript the order of the counters is 1-3, 22-23 and two named plays, then 4-21. In this translation the order has been amended so that they counters read 1-23 followed by the same two named plays. In addition to this modification I have also taken the “Laying down of the Sword” and the two “Flouishes” and included them at the end of the document following on from the other named plays. This is in part a continuation of the amendment of the counters 22-23 and the two named plays, but also takes into consideration that these named plays and flourishes contain actions that were described in the previous chases or counters.

Further to this there has also been modification to counters 14, 15 and 16. The 16th Counter is made of two paragraphs, a unique feature within the manuscript where all other plays, no matter how long, are contained in a single paragraph. The first paragraph does not fit with the title of the play, while the second paragraph matches it's title. The first paragraph of 16 does however match the title of the 15th Counter, while the contents of the 15th Counter match the title of the 14th Counter. In this document these have been rearranged, however, this now leaves an additional play that does not match any of the titles and has been designated (untitled play) and remains between counter 14 and 15.

There is the potential that there are further errors made by the original scribe, such as “quarter backwards” v's “smite back a quarter” and a variety of spelling and word errors. However, these are much more dependant on personal interpretation and have not been altered in this translation.

~ Stevie Thurston