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Spada: Anthology of Swordsmanship

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Select papers

The following is an incomplete list of the papers published in Spada: Anthology of Swordsmanship, limited to publications containing scans, transcriptions, or translations of, or peer-reviewed research on fencing treatises.

  • Hand, Stephen (2002). "Spanish Influence in the Rapier Play of Vincentio Saviolo." Spada: Anthology of Swordsmanship 1: 132-149. Union City: Chivalry Bookshelf. ISBN 978-1-891448-37-9.
  • Hick, Steve (2002). "Dom Duarte and his advice on swordsmanship." Spada: Anthology of Swordsmanship 2: 65-71. Ed. Stephen Hand. Union City, CA: Chivalry Bookshelf. ISBN 978-1-891448-37-9.