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Regole di molti cavagliereschi essercitii (Federico Ghisliero)

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Regole di moltio cavagliereschi essercitii
"Rules of Many Knightly Exercises"
Ghisliero Title.jpg
Title page
Author(s) Federico Ghisliero
Dedicated to Ranuccio Farnese
Place of origin Parma, Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Erasmo Viotto
Publication date 1587
Pages 190
Treatise scans

Regole di moltio cavagliereschi essercitii ("Rules of Many Knightly Exercises") is an Italian fencing manual written by Federico Ghisliero and printed in 1587. It covers the use of the rapier, both single and with secondary weapons, as well as the spear and mounted fencing.

Publication History

Regole di moltio cavagliereschi essercitii was published in Parma, Italy in 1587 by Erasmo Viotto. It is unusual in that the illustrations seem to have been not included in the base book, but rather drawn in by artists after the printing was complete. For this reason, no two copies of the book have the same artwork or the same number of illustrations. It's unclear if Ghisliero intended to have printed illustrations but couldn't afford to commission them, or if the scheme was intentional and patrons paid extra for each illustration added.



Most of these illustrations come from the copy held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, but to demonstrate the diversity of illustrations, examples from the copy held by the Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna (which only has sixteen illustrations) have been included where they differ noticeably.

Title page
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Figure 1
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Figure 2
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Figure 3
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Figure 4
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Figure 4 (alt)
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Figure 5
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Figure 6
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Figure 6 (alt)
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Figure 7
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Figure 8
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Figure 9
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Figure 10
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Figure 11
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Figure 12
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Figure 12 (alt)
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Figure 13 (alt)
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Figure 13
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Figure 14
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Figure 15 (alt)
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Figure 15
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Figure 16
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Figure 17
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Figure 18
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Figure 19
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Figure 20
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Figure 21
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Figure 22 (alt)
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Figure 22 (alt)
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Figure 22
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Figure 23 (alt
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Figure 23
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Figure 24
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Figure 25 (alt)
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Figure 25
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Figure 26
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Figure 27
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Figure 28
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Figure 29
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Figure 30
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Figure 31
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Figure 32
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Figure 33
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Additional Resources

  • Anglo, Sidney. "Sixteenth-century Italian drawings in Federico Ghisliero's 'Regole di molti cavagliereschi essercitii'". Apollo Vol. 140(393), 1994. Pp 29-36.


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For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

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