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18. Advance your Pike in three Tymes or Motions.

[These three have but one figure marked with the number 18. because the other two are shewed before.]

19. Charge your Pike in one motion.

20. Cheeke your Pike.

21. Trayle your Pike.

22-24. And palming your Pike charge

[Not bound to doe this in three motions, or tymes, as is sayd in the instruction numero 24.]

25. Charge your Pike at the right foote and draw your sword.

26. Your Pike being shouldered charge backward in three tymes.

27. the first [Tyme.]

28. second Tyme.

29. thirde [Tyme.]

Right to your order and your Pike slope.

30. Right to your order and your Pike slope. the first [Motion.]

31. second Motion.

32. thirde [Motion.]

The words of command in generall, after which the Captaynes shall see theyr Souldiere exercised when the Souldier is come so far that he can handle his Pike as becommeth, it is then to be understood that for orders sake these words followinge (so farr as is needfull) are set downe agreeinge to the former which have theyr reference to the Pikemen, exceptinge some only which in the order of the Pike doe the same action that hath bene shewed inough by the figures with theyr tymes or motions. Also that at the first command, where is sayd advaunce your Pike, it is spoken to the first figure, that standeth still in order with his Pike sett downe, and the better to prevent all confusion, must be remembred that every manner of carryinge or charginge of the Pike must be done apart, and no other begonne or taken in hand till the first be done and the Pike set downe in order againe. To which purpose this generall command shall be used or observed.

Order your Pike.

Words of Command. With out theyr tyme of changeinge holde.

Advaunce your Pike.

Set downe your Pike.

Shoulder your Pike.

Levell your Pike.

Slope your Pike.

Porte your Pike.

Order your pike.

Advaunce your pike.

Charge your pike.

Order your pike.

Cheeke your pike.

Order your pike.

Trayle your pike.

Charge your pike.

Order your pike.

Charge your pike against the right foote and draw your sword

Order your pike.

Shoulder your pike.