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weapons whoſe vertues you poſſeſſe. It agrees with your Honourable diſpoſition , to receiue with fauour what is preſented with loue. It ſorts with your Lordſhips high authority , to weigh with reaſon, what is fit for marſhall men. It is an vſuall point of your Honor , which winnes your Lordſhip loue in your countrey , to defend the truth in whomſoeuer : and it addeth a ſupply to that which your Lordſhip haue of late begun to your vnſpeakeable honor and our ineſtimable benefite, to reduce the wearing of ſwordes with hilts ouer the hands,Why ſhould we leaue the hand naked, ſince therby our limmes & liues are defended, our enemies diſcomforted, wounded, and executed? I ſee no reaſon but that the hand ſhould be as well armed and prouided for, as anie other part of the bodie. to the Romane diſcipline, no longer then they might draw them vnder their armes, or ouer their ſhoulders. In all or any of theſe reſpects, I reſt aſſured that your Lordſhip will vouchſafe to receiue vvith fauor and maintaine vvith honour theſe Paradoxes of mine, vvhich if they be ſhrouded vnder ſo ſafe a ſhield, I will not doubt but to maintaine with reaſon amongſt the wiſe, and proue it by practiſe vpon the ignorant, that there is no certaine defence in the Rapier , and that there is great aduantage in the ſhort Sword againſt the long Rapier, or all maner of Rapiers in generall , of what length ſoeuer. And that the ſhort Staffe