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grounds? The mind of man a greedie hunter after truth, finding the ſeeming truth but chaunging, not alwayes one, but alwayes diuerſe, forſakes the ſuppoſed, to find out the allured certaintie : and ſearching euery where ſaue where it ſhould , meetes with all ſaue what it would. VVho ſeekes & finds not, ſeekes in vaine ; who ſeekes in vaine, muſt if he wil find ſeeke againe: and ſeeke he may againe and againe , yet all in vaine. VVho ſeekes not what he would , as he ſhould, and where he ſhould , as in all other things ( Right honourable ) ſo in Fencing : the mind deſirous of truth, hunts after it, and hating falſhood, flies from it, and therfore hauing miſſed it once, it aſſayes the ſecond time : if then he thriues not, he tries another way : whē that hath failed he aduentures on the third : & if all theſe faile him , yet he neuer faileth to chaunge his weapon, his fight, his ward, if by any meanes he may compaſſe what he moſt affects : for becauſe men deſire to find out a true defence for themſelues in their fight , therefore they ſeeke it diligently, nature hauing taught vs to defend our ſelues, and Art teaching how : and becauſe we miſſe it in one way we chaunge to another. But