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Niccolò Menozzi

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He is an Italian graphic designer [1] and student practicing HEMA, associated with fencing school Compagnia de le Due Maestà [2], in Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna.
He began to study Fiore de'i Liberi's Flos Duellatorum (Pisani Dossi MS) under teacher Corrado Roggeri and extended his interest on Renaissance greatsword with particular attention to Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo's Memorial Da Prattica do Montante (MS 49.III.20.nº.21).


He is currently carrying forward a study on Renaissance spadone [Greatsword/Schlachtschwert/montante] both from a fencing and more historiographical point of view. The nature of the work includes an overall study on linguistic matter, diffusion in Italian, Iberian and German territories and more with the intent to present a comprehensive overview on the topic, trying to debunk some of the most diffused stereotypes and beliefs about this weapon.


As a part of his work he has begun the transcription of some of the manuscripts and treatises concerning Greatsword teaching.
The transcriptions will be uploaded here on Wiktenauer and includes Camillo Agrippa and more Iberian masters.

Giacomo di Grassi 1570 treatise Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme (Giacomo di Grassi) on Spadone
Camillo Agrippa 1553 treatise Trattato di Scientia d'Arme, con vn Dialogo di Filosofia (Camillo Agrippa) on Spadone


He is collecting sources and any help in reporting historical documents and pictures – paintings, engravings, woodcuts, prints, statues etc. – on the matter will be welcomed.
Any report or question can be sent to niccolo.m.menozzi@gmail.com or to his Facebook account [3]