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Libro del exercicio de las armas (MS a.IV.23)

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Libro del exercicio de las armas
MS a.Ⅳ.23, Real Biblioteca de El Escorial
Madrid, Spain
Escorial MS a.IV.23.png
Type Fencing manual
Date 1509
Language(s) Spanish
Author(s) Pedro Monte
Scribe(s) Unknown
Dedicated to Galeazzo da Sanseverino (?)
Material ??
Size 52 folia
Format ??

Libro del exercicio de las armas ("Book of the Exercise of Weapons", MS a.Ⅳ.23) is a Spanish version of a Latin fencing manual written by Pedro Monte in 1509. It currently rests in the holdings of the Real Biblioteca del Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid, Spain. This seems to be a translation of Monte's massive Exercitiorum Atque Artis Militaris Collectanea ("Collected Martial Arts and Exercises"), or possibly the autograph that was translated to produce that book.




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