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Lições de Marte (MS 49.III.6)

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Lições de Marte
MS 49.Ⅲ.6, Biblioteca da Ajuda
Lisbon, Portugal
(No scans available)
Type Fencing manual
Date late 17th century
Place of origin Portugal
Language(s) Portuguese
Material Paper, in a Dutch binding
Size 217 folia (quarto)

MS 49.Ⅲ.6 is a manuscript containing the works Lições de Marte ("Lessons of Mars") and Manuscrito da espada ("Manuscript on the Sword"), two anonymous Iberian fencing manuals written in the latter part of the 17th century. It currently rests in the holdings of the Biblioteca da Ajuda in Lisbon, Portugal.

Lições de Marte is a re-interpretation of Luis Pacheco's posthumous work, Nueva Ciencia. Beyond completing it with missing information, such as illustrations to replace those not present in the published version of Pacheco's book, the author took an eminently practical approach, didactic in purpose, dividing the book in Liçoes ("lessons"), each preceded with an illustration, introducing progressively new concepts, from theoretical geometric elements to steps and footwork, to techniques such as the atajo or the 'movement of conclusion'. This approach makes this one of the best options when looking for a whole, comprehensive Destreza textbook.

Manuscrito da espada is a brief collection of 64 feridas (techniques, literally "wounds") explained with their counters. Some of them are unique, like the parafusada or the ferida of the Duke of Alba.



1 - 181 Lições de Marte
185 - 217 Manuscrito da espada


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