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L'Arte maestra (Carlo Giuseppe Colombani)

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LʼArte maestra
The Master Art
L'arte Maestra Title.jpg
Full title Lʼarte Maestra di Giuseppe
Colombani detto L'alfier
Author(s) Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
Dedicated to the youth of Venice
Place of origin Venice, Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publication date 1711
Pages 10

L'Arte maestra ("The Master Art") is an Italian fencing manual written by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani and published in 1711. The last treatise of the Bolognese tradition, it treats the use of the side sword, sword and dagger, sword and shield, sword and cloak, greatsword, pole weapons, and grappling.

Publication History

L'Arte maestra was first published in Venice, Italy in 1711. It employs four plates from Achille Marozzo's 1536 treatise Opera Nova, probably from the 1550 edition (which was also printed in Venice).


Irv Two images from Marozzo's Opera Nova
1 - 7 Side sword by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
7 Sword with secondary weapons by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
7 Pole Weapons by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
7 Greatsword by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
7 - 8 Tactical advice by Carlo Giuseppe Colombani
9 - 10 Two images from Marozzo's Opera Nova


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