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Kriegsbuch u.a. Über Schützen- und Turnierwesen (MS B.213)

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Kriegsbuch u.a. Über Schützen- und Turnierwesen
MS B.213, Universitätsbibliothek Erlangen-Nürnberg
Erlangen, Germany

MS B.213 Iv.jpg
MS B.213 001r.jpg
Date 1570
Language(s) Early New High German
Material Paper
Size 217 folia
Format Double-sided; text with scattered illustrations
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans Digital scans

The MS B.213 is a German manuscript created by Philipp Eberhard in ca. 1570. The original currently rests in the holdings of the Universitätsbibliothek Erlangen-Nürnberg in Erlangen, Germany. This manuscript contains several parts, including a Kriegsbuch, a description of Schützenfesten, and a version of the Tournament Book of Hans Burgkmair der Jüngere



1r - 196r Assorted writings on war, shooting, and other subjects
197r - 220r Tournament figures based on the work of Hans Burgkmair der Jüngere


Folio 1r
MS B.213 001r.jpg

Tournament book

Folio 197r
MS B.213 197r.jpg
Folio 197v
MS B.213 197v.jpg
Folio 198r
MS B.213 198r.jpg
Folio 198v
Folio 199r
MS B.213 199r.jpg
Folio 199v
MS B.213 199v.jpg
Folio 200r
MS B.213 200r.jpg
Folio 200v
Folio 201r
MS B.213 201r.jpg
Folio 201v
MS B.213 201v.jpg
Folio 202r
MS B.213 202r.jpg
Folio 202v
Folio 203r
MS B.213 203r.jpg
Folio 203v
MS B.213 203v.jpg
Folio 204r
MS B.213 204r.jpg
Folio 204v
Folio 205r
MS B.213 205r.jpg
Folio 205v
MS B.213 205v.jpg
Folio 206r
MS B.213 206r.jpg
Folio 206v
Folio 207r
MS B.213 207r.jpg
Folio 207v
MS B.213 207v.jpg
Folio 208r
MS B.213 208r.jpg
Folio 208v
Folio 209r
MS B.213 209r.jpg
Folio 209v
MS B.213 209v.jpg
Folio 210r
MS B.213 210r.jpg
Folio 210v
Folio 211r
MS B.213 211r.jpg
Folio 211v
MS B.213 211v.jpg
Folio 212r
MS B.213 212r.jpg
Folio 212v
Folio 213r
MS B.213 213r.jpg
Folio 213v
MS B.213 213v.jpg
Folio 214r
MS B.213 214r.jpg
Folio 214v
Folio 215r
MS B.213 215r.jpg
Folio 215v
MS B.213 215v.jpg
Folio 216r
MS B.213 216r.jpg
Folio 216v
Folio 217r
MS B.213 217r.jpg
Folio 217v
MS B.213 217v.jpg
Folio 218r
MS B.213 218r.jpg
Folio 218v
Folio 219r
MS B.213 219r.jpg
Folio 219v
MS B.213 219v.jpg
Folio 220r
MS B.213 220r.jpg

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