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Jasper Boelsma

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Jasper Boelsma
  • Archaeologist
  • Independent researcher
Nationality Dutch
Education Master of Archaeology
Alma mater Leiden University

Jasper Boelsma is an archaeologist with a focus on the early Medieval period (500-1000 AD/CE). Jasper started practising HEMA in January of 2015, along with a small group of fellow students of archaeology at Leiden University as the HEMA club HSSV Ludolph van Ceulen. At the moment he is an independent researcher and HEMA scholar. His research focusses on the interaction between humans and objects and how this works together with body mechanics.

Creating an experimental HEMA system for Early Medieval Sword and Shield

In January 2016, he started experimenting with the 'Viking Age weapons', and have been experimenting with it ever since. The system he developed together with Deandra de Looff is greatly inspired by the sword-and-buckler manuscripts MS I.33 and Lignitzer, and Talhoffer’s section on fighting with tower-shields, though none of these manuscripts completely fit these weapons and the accompanying fighting style.
The early Medieval Spatha combined with a centre-gripped round shield is often wrongly claimed to be solely a 'Viking' weaponset and was commonly used throughout Northwestern Europe in the early Medieval period (500-1000 AD/CE).

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The following articles include translations by Jasper Boelsma.


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