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Images Königsegg-Aulendorf Collection WikiMedia Commons
Transcription Dierk Hagedorn Hammaborg Historischer Schwertkampf

Transcription notes

This is the transcription of one of six surviving manuscripts by the fencing master Hans Talhoffer. It is located in the count's palace of Königseggwald with the number Hs. XIX, 17–3. It is an illustrated manuscript and offers only very little text – just like the other Talhoffer codices. Since I cannot show the images this is a text-only version.

The manuscript

The manuscript is not dated and it is rather difficult to integrate it into a certain timeframe (cf. Hans-Peter Hils, Meister Johann Liechtenauers Kunst des langen Schwertes, p. 70 ff.). According to Hils, it was created after 1446, but before the Copenhagen codex from 1459 (Thott 290 2°). The manuscript is a contract work for Junker Leutold von Königsegg who is documented between the years of 1446 and 1473.

The transcription

The transcription tries to follow the original as closely as possible. I have not dissolved the letter "v" in either "u" or "v". Abbreviations, duplication characters or other special characters remain mostly intact - considering the restraints of internet typography.


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  • Hans-Peter Hils: Meister Johann Liechtenauers Kunst des langen Schwertes.