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Index talk:Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (Cgm 1507)

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Images Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
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Transcription Dierk Hagedorn Hammaborg Historischer Schwertkampf

Transcriber's notes

These are the transcription and the translation into Modern German of a manuscript by Paulus Kal. It is dedicated to count palatine Ludwig and was written in the second half of the 15th century. It is kept at the Bayerischen Saatsbibliothek in Munich, and on its website one can have a look at a black-and-white version. Due to copyright restraints I can only present the text passages here; empty pages or those which contain images but no text do not show up here.

The transcription

The transcription tries to follow the original as closely as possible. I have not dissolved the letter "v" in either "u" or "v". Abbreviations, duplication characters remain mostly intact - considering the restraints of internet typography. Further diacritical characterslike the letter "y" with a diaeresis are omitted.

Additionally I want to point to the work of the Gesellschaft für pragmatische Schriftlichkeit who have put an excellent edition about Paulus Kal's manuscripts on their website. Furthermore the American publishing house Chivalry Bookshelf have published a magnificent facsimile edition of the manuscript, edited and commented by Christian Tobler (meanwhile out of print).

Dierk Hagedorn, September 2007