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If you're looking to contribute to the Wiktenauer, here is a list of perpetual jobs:

  1. Copy content to the wiki. This list contains pages that are set up with links to resources that need to be copied over and formatted. Be sure you consult the Wiktenauer copyright policy before adding content that hasn't already been approved.
  2. Add manual scans. This list contains pages that need scans; if you have any rare scans in your collection, please contribute them. A subcategory of the list contains pages that have black and white scans but not color. Feel free to consult the Wiktenauer copyright policy if you have any questions about this.
  3. Transcription work - Transcribe manuals that have not yet been completed and have source manual stored or linked to in the wiki. If you are unsure of the master or author, simply place the content on the manual page. This list contains pages with content that hasn't yet been transcribed.
  4. Translation work - Translate transcribed text that is stored on the wiki. These can be found on both Manual and Master pages depending on the current status of the project. This list contains pages with content that hasn't yet been translated.
  5. Create pages for manuals without readily available content. Use the templates listed above.
  6. Add completed transcription, translation and image sections to relevant technique pages.
  7. Populate other sections, such as general information and group pages.

If you don't know where to start, simply consult the Master Task List and choose a job. Please familiarize yourself with the formatting precedents established on pages already submitted before editing a new page. The pages that must be kept consistent are Master, Manual and Technique/Concept pages. User pages, group pages, general information pages and the like should simply be formatted in an intuitive and pleasing fashion, but do not have to be consistent.

Please view the Rules of the Wiki for advice and warnings about posting to and editing this wiki.

Use Browse Categories to the left to begin browsing, or jump straight to one of the traditions beneath it.

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to the Wiktenauer.