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HEMA Brasil is the acronym that stands for the Brazilian Federation of Historical European Martial Arts entities, defined after HEMA1 as a whole.
It aggregates various collectives through freely-affiliated teams and athletes, which represent the interests of their groups within the organisation. Currently, HEMA Brasil has 12 of such affiliated groups spread across the country.
The Brazilian groups are nowadays dedicated to the tradition of Armizare2Fiore and Vadi; Kunst Des Fechtens3Liechtenauer, and Renaissance Fencing, especially Italian Rapier and studying Verdadera Destreza and Montante of Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo.
HEMA Brasil is a founding member of Espada, the Ibero-American Community for European Martial Arts.


Amongst the many objectives of HEMA Brasil, these being intrinsic to those adopted by HEMA itself, are:
° Fostering new HEMA clubs and bringing already existing clubs together for training events and symposia.
° Developing and publishing curricula and original research.
° Forging bonds with educational institutions.
° Providing an optional ranking and instructor certification system.
° Development of HEMA equipment.
° Support of HEMA research, teaching, and equipment services as professions.


Its foundation is compounded by a directive board, consisting of six different members: president and vice-president, two secretaries and two treasurers. These are, in their turn, tasked with coordinating committees along with their affiliates, in a way it allows them to develop their works solidarily.
The two main coordinated committees enlisted:
Refereeing Committee – Assigned with standardising the competitions’ rules systems, it also forms referees and arranges tournaments ranking results.
Disciplinary Committee – Accredited with authority to evaluate and deal with disciplinary violations, in and outside of competitions.
HEMA Brasil arranges the ranks of its national fights, as aforementioned in the description of “Refereeing Committee”, encompassing blended modalities, such as Longsword4, Sword-And-Buckler5, Rapier6, Military-Sabre7 and Ringen8.


The Federation now holds two pre-established main annual meetings, to note:
• South-Brazilian HEMA Tournament – Always held throughout the year’s first semestre in the city of Curitiba, and planned by the teams of South region's three states, it is the second main tournament, losing only to the national one.
• National HEMA Tournament – Held during the year’s latest quarter, it gathers the rank’s highest-positioned athletes to compete for the title of National Champion.
Between these, there are many other open events, loosely held by teams affiliated to HEMA Brasil.

— Anna Angelo; January 2nd, 2019.