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Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier (Michael Hundt)

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Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier
A New Illustrated Fencing Manual on Rapier
Hundt title.jpg
Title page of the 1611 edition
Author(s) Michael Hundt
Illustrated by Unknown
Dedicated to Christian II, Duke of Saxony
Place of origin Leipzig, Germany
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Nickol Nerlich
Publication date 1611
Pages 210 pages
Treatise scans

Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier ("A New Illustrated Fencing Manual on Rapier") is a German fencing manual written by Michael Hundt and printed in 1611. The treatise presents a system of rapier fencing apparently independent from the contemporary Italian rapier traditions, but bears certain similarities to the treatise Jakob Sutor von Baden would publish in 1612.

Publication History

The first edition of Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier was printed in Leipzig, Germany in 1611 by Nickol Nerlich. It was dedicated to Christian II, Elector of Saxony.


1 - 8 Dedication by Michael Hundt
1 - 210 Rapier by Michael Hundt


Title page
Hundt title.jpg
Hundt coat of arms.jpg
Footwork diagram
Hundt footwork.jpg
Figure 1
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Figure 2
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Figure 3
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Figure 4
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Figure 5
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Figure 6
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Figure 7
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Figure 8
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Figure 9
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Figure 10
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Figure 11
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Figure 12
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Figure 13
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Figure 14
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Figure 15
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Figure 16
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Figure 17
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Figure 18
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Figure 19
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Figure 20
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Figure 21
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Figure 22
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Figure 23
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Figure 24
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Figure 25
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Figure 26
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Figure 27
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Figure 28
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Figure 29
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Figure 30
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Figure 31
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Figure 32
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Figure 33
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Figure 34
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Figure 35
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Figure 36
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Figure 37
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Figure 38
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Figure 39
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Figure 40
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Figure 41
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Figure 42
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Figure 43
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Figure 44
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Figure 45
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Figure 46
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Figure 47
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Figure 48
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Figure 49
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Figure 50
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Figure 51
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Figure 52
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Figure 53
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Figure 54
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Figure 55
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Figure 56
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Figure 57
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Figure 58
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Figure 59
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Figure 60
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Figure 61
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Figure 62
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Figure 63
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Figure 64
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Figure 65
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Figure 66
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Figure 67
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Figure 68
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Figure 69
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Figure 70
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Figure 71
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Figure 72
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Figure 73
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Figure 74
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Figure 75
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Figure 76
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Figure 77
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Figure 78
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Figure 79
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Figure 80
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Figure 81
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Figure 82
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Figure 83
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Figure 84
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Figure 85
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Figure 86
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Figure 87
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Figure 88
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Figure 89
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Figure 90
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Figure 91
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Figure 92
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Figure 93
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Figure 94
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Figure 95
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Figure 96
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Figure 97
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Figure 98
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Figure 99
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Figure 100
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Hundt griffon.jpg

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Copyright and License Summary

For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

Work Author(s) Source License
Images Herzog August Bibliothek
Transcription François Siedel, Olivier Dupuis Index:Ein new Kůnstliches Fechtbuch im Rappier (Michael Hundt) 1611