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Die Adeliche und Ritterliche Fechtkunst (MS Germ. Oct. 227)

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Die Adeliche und Ritterliche Fechtkunst
MS Germ.Oct.227, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Berlin, Germany
MS Germ.Oct.227 1r.png
Type Fencing manual
Date before 1733
Language(s) New High German
Author(s) Johann Heinrich Eich
Material Paper, with a leather cover
Size 73 folia
Format Double-sided; illustrations recto,
text verso
Script Cursive
External data Library catalog entry
Treatise scans Digital scans (1300x1050)

Die Adeliche und Ritterliche Fechtkunst ("The Noble and Knightly Fencing Art"; MS Germ.Oct.227) is a German manuscript written by Johann Heinrich Eich some time before 1733.[1] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin in Berlin, Germany. It seems to treat the use of the single rapier. Another copy of this treatise exists in the MS Best.7010 W*289.



1r - 73v Rapier by Johann Heinrich Eich


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  1. According to the SBB catalog.

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