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Ehrentitel und Lopspruch der Fechtkunst (Christoff Rösener)

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Ehrentitel und Lopspruch der Fechtkunst
Honors and Praise to the Art of Fencing
Rösener cover page.jpg
Title page of the 1589 edition
Full title Honors and Praise to the Free
and Chivalric Art of Fencing
Author(s) Christoff Rösener
Illustrated by Hans Kellerdaller
Dedicated to Wentzelao von Schmirsitzki
Language Early New High German
Genre(s) Fencing manual (?)
Publisher Bimel Bergen
Publication date 1589
Pages 44 pages
Treatise scans Digital scans (1589)

Ehren Tittel und Lobspruch der Ritterlichen Freyen Kunst der fechter ("Honors and Praise to the Free and Chivalric Art of Fencing") is a German fencing manual written by Christoff Rösener and printed in 1589. This treatise is written in the form of advice given by Rösener to a young student of fencing. It is largely devoted to a historical account of the art of fencing, tracing its origins back to the classical period in Greece and Rome, and of the history of the Marxbrüder fencing guild, of which Rösener was a member. In addition to his historical teachings, Rösener describes the necessary qualities of a fencing master and also touches on the principle techniques of Johannes Liechtenauer's art. One other interesting note is that Rösener also copied segments from the poetry of Hans Sachs.

Publication History

Only a single contemporary edition of Rösener's work ever seems to have been published, the 1589 printing by Bimel Bergen in Dresden, Germany.

In 1870, Dr. Karl Wassmannsdorff reprinted some version of Rösener's text in a compilation work entitled Sechs Fechtschulen der Marxbrüder und Federfechter: aus den Jahren 1573 bis 1614; Nürnberger Fechtschulreime v. J. 1579 und Rösener's Gedicht: Ehrentitel und Lopspruch der Fechtkunst v. J. 1589.


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