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Charge your pike backward.

Right to your first order.

Slope your pike.

And although these words of commannd followe after this manner because the Pike must alwayes be sett downe againe, where by is thought that the Souldiere cann the sooner learne the perfect or fast handlinge of the same, yet is not the meaning that a man should be just bound to it alone but he maye aswell beginne at the middest or any other place, as well as at the beginninge to doe the Comands, and that as occasion serveth, which standes in the discretion of the expert Captayne or Comandour.

With Priviledge of the Emperours Matye.The French Kinges, and the Lords Estates of the United Provinces &c.

Where of the contence is such.

No man of what qualitie or condition soever he be, shall undertake to contrefaict this present bocke of the exercise of Armes, or any where els contrefaited-sell the same, with in theyr Empire Kingdome or Landes, in the tyme of eight yeares followinge, be it in small or great, in parte or whole, neither the writinges nor the figures, nor the order kept in this worke, any wayes to followe without expresse consent or leave of Jacob de Gheyn upon payne of losse of all the contrefaict worke, and three score pound sterling besides, as more plainely is to sene in the principall letters give here of unto him, &c.

A remembrance for the Bookebindere.

The writinges are (as also the figures) dealt as in three sundry partes, as Calivres, Muskets and Pikes, and shall be bound-in after this fashion: The wrytinges of the Calivres before the figures of the same, and the other writinges likewise, eche before theyr owne figures.