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Completed Translation (from the Getty and PD) Complete translation
by Colin Hatcher

Draft Translation (from the Paris) Draft translation
by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber

Morgan Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Getty Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Pisani Dossi Transcription (1409) [edit]
by Francesco Novati

Paris Transcription (1420s) [edit]
by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber

Pisani-Dossi MS 10a-e.png

[66] I want each of my students to know
That you cannot defend against the collar grab unless you move quickly.
And with the strike that I make against your elbow,
I will quickly feel your arm dislocate.

I am the Fifth Dagger Remedy Master who defends against the collar grab made by this player. Before he can strike me with his dagger I destroy his arm like this, because the grip he has on me is actually to my advantage. And I can do all of the covers, holds and binds of the other remedy masters and their students who came before me. And I say this from experience: all who study this art should be aware that you cannot successfully defend the collar grab unless you move quickly.

You would grasp my chest. Thus far you have not been able to wound me.
I will, nevertheless, dislocate this, your shoulder, during wrestling.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10a-f.png

[67] After striking against your elbow, I will continue on
To quickly seek to find your dagger.

This is another way to destroy the arm. And from this play I can move to other plays and holds…

I would now strike close by your elbow. You will then move past me,
And I, the strong one, will unexpectedly attempt your dagger.

Pisani-Dossi MS 16b-d.png

[68] I will get rid of your spear with my arms in this way,
Then I will turn and hit you,
And if I cannot do it this way
Then I will use the technique I described before.

…Also, if you are pinned by a spear then by making this strike against it you will either unpin yourself or break off the haft from the spearhead.

Pisani-Dossi MS 16b-c.png

[69] If I want to get this spear off me,
I had better hit it hard from above,
So that I will break the staff of your spear
And then I will want to come to the close.

This is another way to make you let go, and is also a better method of breaking off the head of a spear…

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-a.png

[70] By striking to your wrist or to your elbow,
I will either dislocate it, or you will quickly let go.

…Also if I strike you hard in the wrist joint of the hand holding my collar, I am certain to dislocate it unless you let go.

I wish to tell you the counter. As the student strikes down with his arms to dislodge the player's hand, the player quickly withdraws his hand from the student’s collar, and he then quickly strikes the student in the chest with his dagger.

Either I will strike over the elbow, or near the fist,
And in this place I will dislocate the wretched one. Henceforth you will quit the entire chest.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-c.png

[71] I am confident and certain that you will go to the ground,
And I care little or nothing for your dagger.

This play will make you let go of me. And in addition, if I advance my right foot behind your left foot, you will be thrown to the ground without fail. And if this play is not enough, I will try others on your dagger, because my heart and my eyes are never focused anywhere other than upon taking away your dagger quickly and without delay.

I am able to safely believe that you will go into the ground now;
Neither will your dagger be able to accomplish harming me.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-b.png

[72] I choose to try this method of throwing you to the ground,
And if this does not work I will try a different play.

I will throw you to the ground like this, before your dagger can get near me. And if your dagger comes down the center line to strike at me, I will release my grip and deal with your dagger, so that you will not be able to injure me in any way. Then with the remedy plays I will make you suffer.

I put to the test where I would at once lay you sharply on your back.[2]
If, perchance, I do not strew you, I will [scribal error] <actually try> something better.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-d.png

[73] You will find out that over my right shoulder
I will not fail to break your arm.

This player had me grabbed by the collar, but before he could strike me with his dagger I quickly seized his left hand with my hands and pulled his arm over my shoulder so as to dislocate it, and then I completely dislocated it. But this play is safer to do in armor than unarmored.

I will not have been cheated of breaking the left shoulder;[4]
I am holding that which is loaded[5] down on the right using the leg during wrestling.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-e.png

[74] By the way I seize you and hold you,
I will force you to the ground shoulders first.

In this way I will hurl you to the ground without fail. And I will surely take your dagger. And if you are armored that may help you, since I will be aiming to take your life with your own dagger. But even if we are armoured, this art will not fail me. And if you are unarmored and very quick, other plays can be made besides this one.

[In the Getty and Paris, the Scholar's right foot is inside (in front) of his opponent's left leg.]

I hold you using this form, and I will catch the lamenting one;
Now, with the leg, you will be strewn as deep into the earth as possible.

Pisani-Dossi MS 10b-f.png

[75] To take your dagger I make a cover like this,
And then with other plays I will make you suffer.

This cover is very good in armor or without armor. And against any strong man such a cover is good for covering an attack from below as well as from above. And from this play you can enter into a middle bind as shown in the third play of the First Dagger Remedy Master. And if the cover is made in response to an attack from below, the student will put the player into a lower lock also known as “the strong key”, as shown in the sixth play [38] of the Third [Dagger] Remedy Master who plays to the reverse hand attack.

Now I make this cover, for which reason <read: in order that> I would be able to take away the dagger,
Not to mention [that] I can strike you using many plays.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-a.png

[76] If I can turn this arm of yours,
Then I will force you into the lower lock.

If I can turn this arm I will be certain to put you into the lower lock also known as “the strong key”. I will however be able to do this more safely if I am armored. I could also do something else against you: if I grip your left hand firmly and seize you under your left knee with my right hand, then I will not lack the strength to put you to the ground.

If I can now twist your shoulder while fighting,
I will readily cause [that] you will be overwhelmed in the lower key.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-b.png

[77] Whether you try to strike at me from above or below,
You will lose your dagger from this crossing.

With arms crossed I await you without fear. And I don't care whether you come at me from above or below, because however you come at me, you will be bound. You will be locked either in the middle lock or the lower lock. And if I wished to make the plays of the Fourth Dagger Remedy Master, I would cause you great harm with these plays. And I will have no difficulty in taking your dagger.

[In the Getty, the Scholar's left foot is forward.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-c.png

[78] By holding your arm with my two hands,
I will take away the dagger from you, as you deserve.

This grip is sufficient to prevent you being able to touch me with your dagger. And from here I can do the play that comes after me. And I could also certainly do other plays to you. I disregard the other plays for now, however, because this one is good for me and very fast.

Now because I am holding you using both hands during wrestling,
I certainly would take hold of [your] dagger just as if you had truly deserved.

Pisani-Dossi MS 11a-d.png

[79] The student who came before me did not make this play,
So I show how to take away the dagger in his place.

This is the play referred to by the student who came before me, and I take away this dagger as he indicated. And to disarm him I push his dagger downwards and to the right as written above. And then by making a turn with his dagger I will thrust the point into his chest without fail.

[In the Getty and Paris, the Scholar's left foot is forward, and his opponent's right foot is forward.]

Now I teach taking the dagger away while wrestling the associate;
This first student does not know how to play.

MS Ludwig XV 13 15v-d.jpg

[80] So that this student cannot dislocate my arm, I pull it towards me and bend it. And the farther I pull it towards me and bend it, the better, because in this way I make the counter to the Remedy Master of the close play of the dagger.

  1. Note: pectora is plural, perhaps meant to indicate both halves of the chest.
  2. Or “I put to the test where I would at once bend you back acutely.”
  3. Added later: "vel probabo(?)".
  4. Or “I will not be deceived while breaking the left shoulder.”
  5. Or possibly “weighed”.
  6. Added later: "~ ut".