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Angelo Paternostraro

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Angelo Paternostraro
Died 16th century
Occupation Fencing master
Influenced Girolamo Cavalcabo
Genres Fencing manual
Notable work(s) Traité ou instruction pour tirer des armes (1595)

Angelo Paternostraro was a 16th century Italian fencing master. He seems to have been a professional fencing master, and to have written his treatise by 1595 as it was published after his death. He was Roman and have been active in Rome: Torquato d'Alessandri named a Angelo Paternostraro among the masters teaching in Rome.[1]

Paternostraro's treatise covers the sword alone.

Paternostraro's manuscript was not published in his own lifetime, but it was credited and included in Girolamo Cavalcabo's fencing manual (presumably as the "late Paternostrier of Rome") subtitled Un discours pour tirer de l'espée seule (A discourse on drawing the sword alone).


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